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Dr. Cerrone

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Originally from Las Vegas, NV, it was there that Dr. Cerrone worked for a chiropractor as a massage therapist and saw the benefits that the massage combined with the chiropractic adjustment had to offer. She decided to move to Dallas, TX to take her education a step further and become a chiropractor herself.

In 2008, Dr. Cerrone graduated from Parker Chiropractic University as a Doctor of Chiropractic. There she also attained a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Health and Wellness. She started practicing in 2008 and opened Serenity Chiropractic and Wellness in 2009. As a licensed massage therapist and Chiropractor, she has created her own style of treatment that includes the chiropractic adjustment and muscle work such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy. A chiropractic adjustment is a treatment that moves the spine or joint of the body in proper alignment. With the spine/joints in alignment and the muscles relaxed, she is able to get miraculous results. When the body is in alignment it is able to move better and function at its optimum, free of pain. She has found that the chiropractic adjustment can produce amazing results but without muscle work, the muscles pull the joints out of alignment. Dr. Cerrone finds what she does rewarding because she can help people discover their potential free from the pain that once hindered their lives.

Along with the standard chiropractic adjustment called “Diversified,” she often uses a chiropractic instrument called Activator. It is a tool that allows a small impulse to move the spine in proper alignment without force. This method is just as effective as the standard adjustment and is often preferred by many patients.   


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