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Is your shoulder pain coming from your neck?

I see many patients come into my office with shoulder pain that they have had for many years. Some of them can trace back when the pain initially started and some are not sure. What they all have in common is that they are ready for their pain to be relieved ASAP. Here are two factors that can be involved in shoulder pain:

1. Mechanical issue: do you or have you applied some stress to the shoulder joint that caused a discomfort that now is an ongoing problem. The shoulder is a “ball and socket” joint. Meaning, it has many degrees of ranges of motion. This can be a reason why we put so much pressure on our shoulder. We trust it can handle any motion or position just because you can get it into that position. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It is important to work within your proper/ pain free ranges of motion. If you take care to not over exert your shoulder or put it in an uncomfortable position for too long, you will have less chances of injury.

2. Neurological issues: the neck has nerves that branch off into the shoulder called the brachial plexus. This is important if you have shoulder pain and are not sure where if came from originally. The pain in your shoulder may be from the nerves in your neck. If the neck has been aggravated by repetitive stress or over-exertion the nerves that branch off can cause pain in the shoulder.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to the shoulder is like any body part, if you allow the pain to continue without seeking care, the issue can progress till the care that you need may be drastic. Such as surgery. It is important to initially take conservative measures when treating the shoulder. A great combination to treat the shoulder is chiropractic manipulation and muscle treatment. A chiropractor that not only addresses the joint and the muscles attached will make your road to recovery that much more effective and allow for quicker recovery.

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